Woodie CCI Training

Woodie CCI Training: Stock Market Traning with Woodie Commodity Channel Index(CCI)Traders investors use the Woodie commodity channel index to help identify price reversals, price extremes and trend strength in Intraday. We get the perfection over it by teaching 8 patterns

  • ZLR(Zero Line Reject)
  • HFE(Hook From Extrem
  • Famir
  • GB 100
  • Ghost

ZLR(Zero Line Reject) : A Zero Line Reject pattern occurs when the CCI approaches or crosses the zero line
then turns back toward the previous levels. This is a trend agreement pattern. We need to wait for the conformation by identifying the price pattern with the candle sticks

Zero Line Reject

Stock Market Traning with Woodie Commodity Channel Index(CCI) give always a fruitfull result. it all depends on the way you identify the trends and how you implement it with you analysis