Live Trading Mentoring


Trading mentoring is given by experienced trading mentor or coach. It happens live by mentor or coach to help the Mentee learn and grow in the field of trade. This helps in planning and developing their own scheme, schedule and style. This live process also helps in learning technical and psychological features of trading.

By approaching a mentor, one can gain various leads in the field of trading. Day to day feedback from live trading mentoring gives a vision. This whole process is to construct a path to become a qualified and eligible trader. This fulfill the personal goals of a seeker. Practice of techniques in live gives a experience for trading. Live trading and mentoring covers the superior level of training. It is wide and comprehensive classroom room. This improves skillet, approach and technique of a learner. All this process results in positive trading.

Having trading mentoring and coaching helps in modifying scheme of trading. The scheme of trading can be rectified by a coach. Then the solution will be more effective. The strengths will be focused and weaknesses will be worked on. An experienced coach emphasis on one’s risk aptitude, risk capital, and efficiency of the seeker. All these points can be learnt practically by partnering with an experienced coach. Importance and practice with someone develops a comfort.

The live trading mentoring in our course puts the learner first, in order to make an efficient learning process.